Outsourcing Centre

Setting up of brokerage houses involves a lot of expenditure in hardware and software infrastructure not to mention requiring technically trained staff as well. In order to ease brokers of this worry, Financial Technologies Middle East (FTME) has set up a full-fledged Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) centre to cater to the financial services industry in the Middle East region.

The centre will not only offer a secure trading platform but also integrate and completely automate the pre-trade, trade and post-trade activities. The main advantage of the BPO centre is that brokers who are members of multiple exchanges will be able to centralize their operations via a single platform. From our centre, brokers will be able to offer to their clients online trading via browser, applications and mobile phones on multiple exchanges. The centre will also take care of the settlements and accounting functions along with providing continuous multi-lingual support.

FTME has thus positioned itself as a pioneer in the transactional financial services industry and will continue to be one by bringing Exchanges and their Members “tomorrow’s technology today”.